CLS West Overview — Community Leadership Summit West

We were all pretty excited about CLS West–the West Coast edition of the Community Leadership Summit. Of course, of the three of us that were planning to be here, only I ended up attending. What you see at left (click on it to see a clearer picture) is the agenda as the attendees, this being an Unconference, set it up. There are a couple of other interesting things around the conf…er…unconference:

Their theme is “We are Family“, and you can read about it here–and listen to the song on that blog post, too.

They have an attendee gallery where you can see faces and match them up with people you met at the event–or, as happened to me in at least one case–saw and didn’t know you knew from online interactions.

Their “official” presence includes:

Had been meaning to tweet about the event, but didn’t quite get around to it, what I ended up doing is just hanging out and soaking in the conference and the community. You can check out what other folks posted in the #clswest hashtag.

I will post session reports and more pictures, both from the conference and the Ignite in the evening. But let me leave you with this view out the window during one session:

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