Wadiwallah.com is a space for the community side of Silicon Valley to come out and play. The idea is make it possible for Wadiwalleh, the people who live and work in this now rather loosely-defined area we call Silicon Valley, to be people.

Of course, technology is a large part of what we do. In a lot of ways, we are one overgrown industry town. In other ways, we are an industry on to ourselves–or even a way of life. But it doesn’t stop there. We don’t often talk about this, but we also are a community.

In fact, Silicon Valley is a community of communities; diverse, both in ethnicities and faiths, but also in personalities, technologies (hey! our defining feature is that we are the home of Geek, if not all geeks), and professions, if not industries. But until this point in space-time only seldom has anyone tried to address this group of people as a community.

At Wadiwallah, we intend to try and change that. By creating space for the coming together and interplay of this wadi‘s society, cultures and life we wish this space to enable Wadiwalleh to be people; to be a place where they can gather, communicate with each other, exchange views, share passions, and build a larger community–the community of the denizens of Silicon Valley.

If you are interested in participating in our “Hometown Blog for Silicon Valley” about life and times in Silicon Valley, please jump right in. The first thing would be to comment and interact. And if you do choose to stay a while, consider setting up an account so you can see when others reply–and interact with the community. And if you’d like to contribute more fully, drop us a line at  info@wadiwallah.com and let’s hook you up.


Sabahat Ashraf, “iFaqeer (Founder)

Sabahat Ashraf, who goes by the pen name of “iFaqeer”, is a communicator based in Silicon Valley. He has worked both in technology and the media and is currently drowning in new media.

Abdulrahman Rafiq (Founder)

Abbas Zaidi (Staff Blogger)

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